IOS Beta 5: should not install it even if you are a developer? Absolutely No: With the last major Agios

With the last major upgrade of IOS, presented a few weeks ago, Apple has officially launched the beta test versions of the operating system. Many users have created the account by developers, although they were not, to test these versions of software not yet final. Many repent now, let's see why.

If you are registered as developers can use the beta versions that Apple makes from time to time, this so that you can begin to test their applications on the new operating system. If you are not developers, it makes no sense to install the beta of iPhone OS files, as it only goes to meet the various problems that can lead to unpleasant events for users.

As reported by Apple on the official forum:

Apple recommends that you DO NOT install any beta version of a device that you use every day. If the data are important, and it is usually necessary to use the iPhone / Touch or iPad should think twice before installing these versions. It could cause crashes the phone that lead to the loss of data or, possibly, the block of the device. Also, if you install the beta version of the device and later want to go back, remember that Apple does not support the downgrade of the operating system. In case of locking the device will have to wait and install it directly to the final version this fall.

Beta versions should be installed only for testing applications that are being written, and not to impress your friends with the latest features.

Apple does well to remind everyone that you should install the beta versions. They only bring problems as well and should be tested within the first few are obviously those with more bugs. Some are complaining obvious slowdowns and failures, as the inability to remember to use FaceTime or continuous application crashes.

This is a very serious problem as the various comments on the Apple App of the shop are very negative for those applications not running on iPhone OS 5. This incompatibility is normal but just because developers have to try and test their designs with the new operating system, and this will take time.

5 The version of IOS that Apple will release in the fall will be the final for all users. Who is the developer is recommended that time issues without risking damage to your device.

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