MobileNotifier Beta5 Released with MobileReply and More

We broke the news about the ‘connection’ between the departure of Peter Hajas from his MobileNotifier project and his possible move to Apple. To celebrate before his leave Peter and his team have released MobileNotifier Beta5, the final release.

Here is what’s new:

- MobileReply. Reply to text messages while within other applications! It works like magic!

- Full message text! Read everything in the alert, not just the first few words.
- Redesigned minimalist alert display!
- A brand new AlertDashboard, inspired by our amazing lockscreen view!

- Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!
- Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!
- Thanks to work by Marc Easen, MobileNotifier now supports calendar invitation alerts!
- Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?
- Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”
- Various small bugfixes.
- Did I mention way way faster?
You’ll need to reconfigure your Activator actions for MobileNotifier.

How to download MobileNotifier?
1. Launch Cydia. Tap Sources. Tap Edit. Tap Add.
2. Paste in this URL:
3. Search for MobileNotifier and download to install.

Let me know what you think about this latest release. Do you think we’ll see subtle hints of these notification styles in iOS 5?

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GeoHot Is Back! iPad 2 Jailbreak

Yesterday, ChronicDevTeam member @p0sixninja publicly challenged GeoHot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before, kinda giving him some motivation to work harder at an iPad 2 jailbreak. Well it seems like GeoHot accepted the challenge.


Well played @p0sixninja

For those of you with an iPad 2, This means expect a jailbreak very soon!

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