IPhone 4 (4.3.2) Multi-Touch Test 100%

Apple has released a second update for preview 2 of Mac OS X 10.7

Apple has released a second update for preview 2 of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The 1.17 GB update is available through the software update application for anyone with preview 2 installed. The updated is recommended for those users and what the update holds is yet to be revealed. Let us know if you spot anything new.

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According to Twitter user @Chpwn (thought to be a member of the Dev-Team), Apple has blocked all access to Amazon servers which identify themselves under gs.apple.com, used to authenticate SHSH certificates for App Store alternative, Cydia.

The tweet read:

Apple has blocked all of Amazon (where @saurik’s SHSH servers are hosted) from accessing gs.apple.com (Apple’s SHSH server). /cc @notcom.

Essentially, this means that users can no longer connect to Saurik’s servers which host Cydia, and therefore are no longer able to obtain the certificate necessary to verify an earlier version of their firmware. While @Saurik is yet to confirm the move himself, iSpazio notes that the move may hinder the jailbreak process long enough for Apple to catch up on developing and deploying security methods in both iTunes and the next release of iOS.
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Apple also released the iTunes 10.2.2 download, but you can still jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 untethered so it’s safe to update to iTunes 10.2.2.

Apple to Release iOS 4.3.2 in the Next Two Weeks?

Apple is reportedly preparing iOS 4.3.2 for release within the next two weeks, according to BGR.

Weve just been told by one of our Apple ninjas that the company is working on another iOS 4.3.x release: iOS 4.3.2. Its said to include a few enhancements, address security issues, and it will also fix several bugs that have affected users. Were told to expect the software update for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in about two weeks.

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