Skype for iPad Coming Soon, Will Support Video Calling

Skype will be releasing their Skype for iPad application to the Apple App Store really soon. It will support video calling on iPad 2 on WiFi and 3G. Only iPad 2 users will be able to make video calls because iPad 2 has a front-facing camera and the first generation iPad does not.

A video demo of Skype for iPad can be seen below.

Skype officially released this on their YouTube channel yesterday and deleted it, but Twitter user @trackizmy1 saved it and sent it to RazorianFly so all credit for the video below goes to him.

CNET got a chance to try the Skype for iPad app and they have posted a hands-on gallery with details of their preliminary test. According to CNET, Skype for iPad will be released on Tuesday, June 28.

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