Apple News | A Profile of Steve Jobs Published By The Times

The Times has published a profile Steve Jobs which discusses some of the recent events in his life; such as, his health and his fight to tear down the Jackling House.

For five years the owner of the Jackling House in Woodside, California, has been trying to knock it down. He hates the place, calling it “one of the biggest abominations of a house I’ve ever seen”. He hates it so much, he has abandoned it to live a few miles away in Palo Alto. Pictures of the interior show a ghostly, decaying mansion. The owner can’t knock it down because of protests from conservationists. But a deal has been done. He will spend $600,000 to have it taken down and will have it rebuilt elsewhere — not a big victory by his standards, but a satisfying one. He has been having a hard time lately.

9to5Mac has heard that Apple’s PR people attempted to prevent publication of this report though most of the information in the report is common knowledge. Perhaps they felt a quick glance at the article might put Jobs in a negative light.

The report does recognize the genius of Steve Jobs:

Geniuses tend to see their own lives as universally significant, embodying the great currents of their age. They may not know they are doing this, but it is evident in their work. Everything about Jobs tells me this is how he sees his life, as the distillation of the high-tech revolution and of affluent, aspirational consumerism. He is, as Dan Lyons says, “the ultimate end-user”, both consumer and maker. He is one with the bozos and their gizmos. That’s who he is.

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