iTunes 10.5.2 Live On Apple's Web Site

iTunes 10.5.2 can be downloaded from Apple's Web Site. iTunes is the application that we all abhor using to manage our iDevices. Apple has recently introduced the PC-Free feature to iOS devices with the release of iOS 5 which means that we don't technically need iTunes too much anymore. That doesn't make it a useless application, though. iTunes is still an awesome media application for the Mac and the PC that allows you to make media purchases and play from from your computer to stream them to your Apple TV or other iDevices. Apple includes the Remote application for iOS users so that you can control your computer iTunes from afar using the Wi-Fi network that the computer is linked to. So while iTunes comes with some misfortunes, it also has its kickbacks. Today, Apple has thrown iTunes version 10.5.2 onto their Web Site which comes with some fixes to the last version. iTunes 10.5.2 comes with countless improvements for Apple's new iTunes Match service, which allows you to have Apple's audio track of equivalence to the one on the CD that you purchased with the use of iCloud for a monthly fee, and fixes an audio distortion problem when playing or importing certain CD's. While most of use do not use CD's anymore, they're not completely extinct yet and those of you CD users who are having problems with iTunes might be able to take a deep breath of relief now because of this update. After updating, it has been deemed that iTunes 10.5.2 is jailbreak safe. So go ahead and download! Sources: 9to5Mac

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