Exclusive: iOS 5.0.2 coming soon, Siri big update in progress

iOS 5.0.1 is the latest version of the mobile operating system from Apple. officially confirmed , but with this version brings still errors that result in reduced battery performance. iOS 5.0.2 is already in the works, and should eliminate the discussion about a Akkkuproblematik final. In addition, work is underway on the first major iOS 5 update, which should come as version 5.1 on the market.

An Apple developer who is involved in IOS 5.x has happened to us on Wednesday a couple of interesting information on the upcoming IOS 5.x firmware updates. Please note that we have committed ourselves to a better understanding on the terms IOS IOS 5.0.2 and 5.1, and this information is not from the developers themselves.

Battery problem: The battery is designed for approximately 200 hours. Depending on network configuration and time can also go down rapidly. It is currently being feverishly worked to reduce consumption by Siri, GPS and telephone network. Some data are hardware redundant, ie, too many settings to access the hardware. The device runs energy, if the hardware it requires.

This is where the leverage to minimize the settings, ie "from" means "off", even if the hardware requires a bit. This is only possible in some settings and not at all. Example: Time Zone Find out, Siri call = Time Zone search in the background -> it is working on a temporary setting, the reaction is quick enough, ie call Siri -> temporary switching the time zone -> Siri from -> Time Zone offline ....

If all goes as planned, currently, the iPhone will last longer with 5.0.2. The stated goal is 40 hours standby with 10 hours of use. This is 2x longer than HTC or Samsung. Depending on the network itself can also move the number down. Example: Someone is sitting in the basement and has no 3G reception and the network has an attenuation of 50%, then the device will search for better network coverage and that works on battery power. Thus, say a user: "the update was great," because he lives next to a converter, or "my battery life has shortened" because he lives in a poorly developed area or in this area, a high degree of variation in the net.

The planning stage so that IOS 5.0.2 as soon as possible, should be released no later than next week for download. The battery problem was unscheduled, and Apple is making every effort to resolve the problems

The next major update (probably iOS 5.1) will bring many changes around the Siri voice control. In 2011 there will be nothing more with IOS 5.1. Work on the Siri core are very expensive. First you see the Siri-card usage (navigation) and the Wolfram | Alpha integration (eg for Germany) on the agenda, this will be announced in the Siri FAQ already . Technical license issue are yet to be bridged among others. In addition, Siri is another major update (not necessarily iOS 5.1) planned, where the hardware is heavily involved. As examples here are "do a photo," "make a video", "turn on wireless" or "turn off Bluetooth" to call. Will be how well this functions in everyday life, shows us the future, the right way is the part of developers already taken.

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