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The Firmware Umbrella

in an attempt to save your baseband. It will not work.
The baseband protection is for iPhone 4 *ONLY*.

TinyUmbrella 4.1.8 released

New UI and tons of new features

After months of work I've finished the UI rewrite of TinyUmbrella.
I've added quite a few things to this little app.
It's definitely come a long way and I want to thank all of you for making it the success it's become.

Here are some new features in 4.1.8:

Totally redesigned UI for all platforms (inspired by chpwn refined by me)
Original artwork by iOPK of Chronic Dev Team
Spinny Icon code (thanks to technomage)
Quaqua look and feel (sorry mac only due to license restrictions)
Much cleaner look and feel all around

Known Devices! - Now all devices detected by TinyUmbrella are saved for future use!
You can remove them as well (Right click -> delete from history)
You can save SHSH with known devices as well
(No more requirement for the device to be connected)

Recovery Devices If you connect a device in recovery mode
you can still kick it out of recovery (Right click -> Kick out of recovery)

Save SHSH now saves ALL SHSHs available at Cydia with one button press!

Preferences Change SHSH save directory

Proxies (Web and Socks) for those that need them!

Better port 80 detection.

I hope this release helps you obtain and keep your SHSH's locally.
In the future I plan on adding activation and restores sans iTunes.
(These are both HUGE in terms of development effort so bear with me).

I'm working on a troubleshooting guide that I will have posted in the Quick Links section.

Tiny Umbrella

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