Resupported4 Enables iPhone Video Out With Unsupported Cables  

Resupported4 enables video out with third party cables and accessories and adds video playback support to many applications like Hulu, IMDB, and VEVO

While no guarantees are made towards supporting a particular cable, as a general rule:
● Does it plug into the dock connector?
● Will audio play through it when connected to your device?
● Does it have a video output or a screen?

Important notes
● Cable detection only works if audio is normally able to go out your dock cable.
● Resupported4 will not (by itself) mirror your applications on a TV. You will need DisplayOut to show your device's screen on a TV.
● Accessory warning messages may disappear.
● Resupported4 will NOT enable charging with cords that do not already charge your device. That is a hardware, not a software limitation.

You can purchase Resupported4 from the Cydia Store for $3.99.

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