iPad’s International Release Delayed by Apple

Apple has just issued a press release, simply, that iPad sold great, and then to take into account the iPad 3G pre-order, so originally expected 4 / 24, the international sale plan next month extension

That is because iPad in the first week we sold more than 50 million units, which demand more than they originally estimated

Therefore, in order to meet current U.S. demand, and the start of the 3G model they intended, therefore, they had to make a decision that iPad international release date, the subsequent extension of one month, until the end of May will be released

Then will be 5 / 10 start so that everyone futures

That which country?

United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Switzerland

So, ah, Jimmy predict the retail price of the next iPad will certainly soared high

-- Post From My iPhone2g

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