Apple issues iTunes 9.0.1 software update

Today Apple issued an update to iTunes for both Mac and Windows users. The newest version is now iTunes 9.0.1.
Here are the new features/fixes Apple included in iTunes 9.0.1:
1. Improved app syncing for iPhone 3.1, and iPod Touch 3.1.1.
2. Fixes issues with browsing the iTunes Store through iTunes.
3. iTunes 9.0 had a bug which caused it to be unresponsive at times, this has been fixed in iTunes 9.0.1.
4. Fixes iTunes 9.0 bug which prevented syncing Podcasts in iPhone/iPod Touch playlists.
5. Genius is updated automatically to show Genius Mixes.
To update to iTunes 9.0.1, Mac users can go to Software Update and install it. Windows users have to open iTunes and click Help – > Check for Updates.
Here are the direct download links to iTunes 9.0.1:
Download iTunes 9.0.1 (Mac)
Download iTunes 9.0.1 (Windows XP/Vista 32-bit)
Download iTunes 9.0.1 (Windows 64-bit)

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Anonymous said...

Great update, it fixed my old troubles with iTunes that I havent fixed for a very long time. I got my latest version of iTunes here and advise you to do the same cause its very reliable and useful site.